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The Travel Mat unrolled

What is The Travel Mat™?

The Travel Mat™ will fit any aircraft seat, office chair, car seat or camp chair for superior comfort and has almost 2 inches of high density convoluted foam with a breathable bamboo cover along with a multi functional neck pillow that can be tailored to an individuals needs. We have masterfully designed The Travel Mat™ to roll up compactly so that it can be stored on ones carry-on luggage.

The Travel Mat™ easily rolls out on your airline seat, car seat, camp seat and office chair making your next journey amazingly comfortable.

Why you need

Do you get sore on uncomfortable airline seats twisting from side to side especially on long-haul flights?

The Travel Mat™ adds between 1.5 and up to 2 inches of high density foam to your seated area making your next journey far more comfortable and enjoyable.

Haven’t found a Neck Pillow that actually works?

The Travel Mat’s™ patent pending AWARD WINNING neck pillow has gone through rigorous testing (read our reviews!) and is sure to help you sleep on either your next short-haul or long-haul flight.

Does your back get sore from long periods of being seated?

The Travel Mat’s™ Neck pillow can be switched behind the back for extra lumbar support bringing relief to your sore back and helping you to arrive at your destination ready to explore.

Have you ever been stuck at an airport due to delays or just really long stopovers?

Unroll the Travel Mat™ and you’re ready to make any uncomfortable airport seat into a perfect lounge and be the envy of all the other NON-Travel Mat™ public that did not think ahead!

Technical Specs for The Travel Mat™

Weight: 900g or 1.98 pounds
Size rolled up: 38cm wide 20cm high (fits on top of carry-on)
Size unrolled: 38cm wide 130 – 140cm long (approx..)
Neck pillow: 25cm long per arm (approx.)
Washable cover: 65% soft bamboo rayon 35% polyester with non-slip backing

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Read what our customers think of the Travel Mat

  • “Hi James, I finally have a few minutes downtime from work after getting back from our trip to Europe and the UK I thought I'd drop you a line to say thank you for rushing the travel mats across to the UK for us ready for our return trip, we really appreciate the extra effort you went to for us. I'm also very pleased to be able to tell you that the Travel Mat is a great product for those long haul flights especially, if like me, you have a few back problems.  Not only does the Travel Mat make the seat more comfortable generally but it reduced the pressure on the nerves in my lower spine which resulted in a lot less discomfort travelling gradually down my legs the longer we were on the plane. The Travel Mat is a great product and I sincerely wish you the very best for it going forward!  Thanks again!”
    Peter from Melbourne, Australia
  • Seriously! So good! I’ve never slept so much on a plane! It was great, I can see why it was 2ndin the world.
    Sam from Wisconsin, USA
  • “I love this thing! It has been so useful on and off the plane.”
    Jordan Stephens Wyoming, USA
  • Enjoyed using your travel mat HKT-SIN-BNE complete with an “unholy layover of 7hrs in Singapore! Worked a treat!
    Christina from Uckfield, UK
  • ““It was amazing!!! I will never travel without it again! I got 8 hours sleep on my 13 hour flight and was able to sleep in the airport during a long layover. I really feel like it also helped me adjust and not have bad jet lag either. Thank you so much for hooking us up. “I also gotta admit I’ve been raving about them to everyone I know haha I seriously love it!””
    Leah from Arkansas, USA